Flea & Tick Application

Fleas and ticks present a common concern for many families. These parasites not only bite causing itching, they can also carry harmful diseases that could infect your family and your pets. Protect your home from the dangers of fleas and ticks with spraying services from D&G Nature's Way. Our insecticide will wipe out any fleas and ticks on your property, and keep them from invading your home.

Flea & Tick Application Schedule

At D&G Nature's Way, keeping your family and your pets protected is our top priority. We provide a first line of defense with our flea and tick application which supplies you with 30-45 days of control. To best protect your home, we offer our applications four times a year:

  • Early Summer
  • Midsummer
  • Late Summer
  • Fall

Our flea and tick applications are safely applied to your yard in a granular form. Get back to enjoying your yard without the risks of parasites infecting your pets, your family, or your home.

Keep the flea and ticks away from your home. Call or contact us, at D&G Nature's Way, today to schedule your flea and tick Application.

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