Michigan Lawn Fertilizing

Your lawn is a living organism. Like most living beings, it needs water, sunlight, and food to thrive. Regular lawn fertilizing will help build a turf that is strong and healthy. When your lawn has the nourishment it needs, it will have a more complex root structure and be more resistant to weeds and summer fungus. At D&G Nature's Way, we only utilize fertilizer of the highest quality to provide your lawn with the nutrition and sustenance it needs to grow thicker and more lush all season long.

Lawn Fertilizing Services

For optimal results, our experienced technicians apply our fertilizers to your lawn every 4 to 6 weeks, providing your grass with the food and nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. At D&G Nature's Way, we provide our customers with a wide variety of lawn fertilizing services to match the needs of your landscaping, including organic fertilizing and our yearly fertilizing plans.

30-0-6 Fertilizer

We understand the importance of using quality fertilizer on your lawn. Like with all food, the quality of ingredients determines the amount of nutrients and nourishment it receives. Each component of our fertilizer is chosen to deliver the best results for your grass. Currently, our fertilizer bag analysis is a 30-0-6.

  • 30 - Nitrogen: The backbone of any good fertilizer is the nitrogen. It helps the plant build proteins, which in turns develops a stronger blade from the tip down to the the root structure.

  • 0 - Phosphorus: Because Michigan soil is highly phosphorus, your grass is able to absorb the nutrients it needs directly from your ground, allowing our fertilizer to focus on the areas your grass needs most.

  • 6 - Potash: To jumpstart the root development, our fertilizer contains an adequate amount of Potash to increase the carbohydrates in your lawn, allowing for a greater resistance to turf diseases.

At D&G Nature's Way, we understand that each lawn is different and requires unique attention. We work with our customers and their landscaping to create the best fertilizing plan for your home. With the right nutrients, your lawn will grow strong, hearty, and more beautiful.

For Michigan lawn fertilizing that provides you with the best lawn in your neighborhood, call or contact the experts at D&G Nature's Way.