Insecticide/Grub Control

Grubs and insects feeding on your lawn can cause extensive damage to your turf. They destroy your plant system from root to tip, leaving your grass with brown, dead areas. Save yourself time and money with our insect and grub control services from D&G Nature's Way. Our high quality insecticide and grub control provides a barrier of protection between your grass and the bugs.

Applications: Mid-May through Early July

To keep away the unwanted pests and grubs that are destroying your lawn, we utilize Merit Insecticide and Grub Control. We guarantee control for the entire season. This is applied to your lawn in mid-May to protect against the European Chafer Beetle, an extremely turf damaging grub. This grub will lay its eggs in late June through July, causing damage to the root structure of your turf. Through our application, the long lasting insecticide destroys the grubs before they are able to create any damage on your landscaping.

Our experienced technicians determine the style of application depending on the size of your lawn. This can be applied either in granular or liquid form. Having insects and grubs in your yard can be damaging to your lawn, and they may carry harmful diseases. Protect your grass, your family, and your pets through our insecticide and grub control services.

Insects & Grubs Controlled

  • European Chafer Beetle
  • Grubs
  • Billbugs
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Mole Crickets
  • Japanese Beetles
  • Oriental Beetles
  • May / June Beetles
  • Southern / Northern Masked Chafers
  • And More

Stop the pests before they destroy your lawn with high quality insecticide and grub control services. Call or contact us today for your estimate.