Crabgrass can destroy the look and the health of your lawn. As a common problem in Michigan, crabgrass has the ability to produce thousands of seeds that spread out over your turf, stealing valuable nutrients from your grass. At D&G Nature's Way, we understand the best way to combat weeds in your lawn is to prevent them before they germinate. Our crabgrass prevention starts with our pre-emergent that is applied to your landscape in early spring. This product creates a barrier and stops the crabgrass.

Benefits to Crabgrass Prevention

  • Creates a Protective Barrier: Our experienced technicians use pre-emergent, which creates a barrier to disrupt the germination of the plant past your lawn's thatch line.
  • Longer Control: By utilizing high quality products such as Dimension, we provide you with better control and a barrier against crabgrass that holds longer into the season.
  • Healthier Lawn: Crabgrass steals your lawn's nourishment. By eradicating the weed from your landscape, your lawn will be able to receive all the fertilizer, sun, and water it needs to grow thicker and stronger.

Crabgrass can be controlled with proper prevention and a thick, healthy lawn. These weeds tend to thrive in bare or thin areas of your landscape. As it grows, it takes nutrients away from your lawn to help it grow and to spread throughout your turf. Keep your lawn looking beautiful and healthy by utilizing our crabgrass prevention. Our high quality spring pre-emergent from Dimension gives you longer control and greater prevention from crabgrass and weeds that may be spreading throughout your landscape. We are dedicated to helping you create your best, healthiest lawn.

For crabgrass prevention that will eradicate the weeds from your lawn, call or contact us for your estimate today.